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DEATHSTARS (se) - Whiplasher (Oct-2006/EV)

==================== ENGLISH VERSION ====================

DEATHSTARS-Sex Symbols and Gods to many gothic teenagers and even adult women were playing in Zagreb at the Boogaloo club on the 9th of October 2006. I, myself have gotten that exclusive chance to talk with Mr Andreas Bergh (also known as Whiplasher Bernadotte). However... I was surprised how it all ended up. The situation led to a relaxed conversation.

: Nightmare Industries (Guitars and Keyboards), Whiplasher (Vocals), Bone W Machine (Drums), Skinny (bass)

Discography : Synthetic Generation (Album - 2003), Termination Bliss (Album - 2004)

Metal-Impact. Hello... My name is Sanela and I am working for French Metal webzine: Metal-Impact.
Whiplasher. Hi, nice to meet you. Where exactly is that webzine from?
MI. It's from Paris.
Whiplasher. Paris... I'm thinking about moving to Paris. I think I'll move out... outside of Sweden.
MI. Really? And why is that?
Whiplasher. Well...because I can. (laughter)

MI. I know that you are tired of being asked same questions over and over again... So we will do this briefly.
Whiplasher. No...It's fine. Really.

MI. Ok..I'm glad. Considering your past... most of current band members were pretty much active in Swedish underground scene. Do you think that Swordmaster or Ophthalamia could someday continue producing new material?
Whiplasher. No..That will never happen because that's a closed chapter. That was then and now it's not that interesting anymore.
But that kind of music hasn't died for us, we still love it and me and Bone have talked a lot about playing death metal again. We'll se what happens because we are busy with DEATHSTARS now and we don't have much of time to do other stuff...But I can say that Ophthalamia, Swordmaster and definately Dissection will never be again.

MI. Since you don't like to be compared to certain bands and artists..could you explain what is your music like?
Whiplasher. I think it's very sophisticated, dramatic, sexy... and aggressive music which is all about weaknesses. DEATHSTARS is about the paradox between black and white and that's why we like to call it "Deathglam". It's twisted darkness with a bit of irony. I think it's really boring when band takes everything so seriously and when they really think that they have something to preach you know. DEATHSTARS is different..It's about criticising yourself and about the conflicts that you overgrow as a person. It's complex i guess. It's Deathglam.

MI. It is kind of obvious that the appearance of the band is important to you.. What does your image represent?
Whiplasher. The visual image is something from our late childhood..heh..when KING DIAMOND an KISS started showning themselves with make-up. And then somewhere on the way I guess we started with that too.
We were playing Black Metal in early '90s and make up was here surely included. But we losted the Black Metal image somewhere on the way and contiuned playing in t-shirts and jeans...but we were still harsh...heh.
I think that you must see the music just as much as you hear it. You must feel it with all senses. With DEATHSTARS we tried to visualise the music and we wanted a strong image to go along with it.

MI. If you could choose some artist which you could work and co-operate with who would that person be and why?
Whiplasher. KISS or Glenn Danizg I guess...that would be great. But it has never been an alternative of ours to even reconsider working with some other people. We want to do what we do by ourselves. We don't use any other people outside the band and we produce the albums on our own because we don't want anymore people involved. But....maybe hehe Andrew Loyd Webber.. he could play guitar on some intros... (laughter)

MI. How did you get in contact with Mr Cat?
Whiplasher. We actually woke up together one morning and after having a good sex I asked him if he could play a guitar. The answer was "yes of course" we went to the rehearsal room together. (laughter)

MI. Blitzkrieg video-who came up with the story (which is btw very good)? Where was it shot?
Whiplasher. It was shot in Belgrade. The thing is that I've gotten an email from the people that we are working with in Serbia. We were talking about shooting that video and they have sent us some script propositions. I asked them if they had an aeroplane cemetary in Belgrade because if they had it we wouldn't need any script. I always wanted to shoot a video on that kind of place. I love "Top Gun" and also that old romantic comedy "Cant Buy Me Love", where the plane cemetary is so magnificent. So I asked them if they had it and they answered that as a matter of fact they did have an aroplane cemetary. We never shot any scene where we are walking through the fields with lot of planes. Unfortunately we didn't have time. I think that in the end it all worked out pretty good....Some nice girls...heh..

MI. If there was a movie shot about your band's biography... who would you like to play your character?
Whiplasher. Huumm....Who would that be?
(From the background: Tom Cruise)
Whiplasher. Hehehe...yeah Tom Cruise hehe. Humm maybe Tom Selleck. (laughter)

MI. What is next for DEATHSTARS after this tour?
Whiplasher. Me and Nightmare are writing the new album, which we are planning to record in New York during the summer or the next fall, maybe. I'm going to move from Sweden. We are going on a tour again in March..April..May I really don't know where but I heard others talking that we are going somewhere. (laughter)
Well the main focus right now is to do new songs and overtop Termination Bliss and do something that is "The Ultimate Orgasm of Darkness".

MI. How do you like the southern part of Europe?
Whiplasher. I love it.
MI. Why?
Whiplasher. Because it's like the southern parts of your body. (laughter)

MI. What do you expect from tonight's show? Is it going to be like "sucking cock" or is it going to be like "really great"?
Whiplasher. Sucking cock? Hehehhee... No really, DEATHSTARS is like champagne: even though it is bad it's always good.

MI. So here are some extra question I have spared for the end..*grin smile*. Which was the longest time you spent drunk? What was the wierdest thing you did while being drunk and later found out about it?
Whiplasher. U....With or without drugs? Hehehe I don't know...4 days in a row without sleep maybe. Weirdest thing I've done? Hummm maybe there's a reason why I can't remember it. Hehehe ...I've done a lot of dumb things but I think that the dumbest thing I've ever done while being drunk is doing an IQ test. (laughter)

MI. Why did you deceide for the porn industry and what do you think about it?
Whiplasher. I didn't know that those girls had a camera with them. I thought it was just usual 4some. But I'm too exclusive to be in porn industry. Im hard to get...hehehe... (laughter again)

MI. Do you have some lucky objects you take with yourself everywhere you go?
Whiplasher. I dont believe in stuff like that but I know that Cat has a little cat, which he puts on his speaker and he always looks at it while playing. I personally don't own any objects like that...

MI. Any final words?
Whiplasher. Believe in Bad Luck!

Ajouté :  Jeudi 02 Novembre 2006
Intervieweur :  Sanela
Lien en relation:  Deathstars Website
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